40+ Ways to annoy someone

By Ron Eve

We have in our life time offended someone intentionally or not, by our actions, among these are a few ways to annoy people. Funny how the “annoyer” doesn’t feel annoyed as much as the “annoyee”. It’s more like someone scratched a chalkboard , the feeling . Yep you guessed it. If you not on this list then rest assured you are the perfect candidate for perfection

Photo credit : lastlemon


Anyone annoyed you? Let us know what they did in the comment. Also if you have annoyed someone let us know what you did. There loads of colleagues I want to piss off

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WYN2K-VR, Star for 2016



By Ron Eve

Been awhile and a Happy New Year, as this is our first blog of the year.

When you change the way you
see the world, you change the
world you see

We keep asking ourselves, how Virtual Reality will  affect our lives?, apparently we will have the answer soon 2016. As VR ( Virtual Reality) set to be released on sale for public use.

The top players in the game with likes of  Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, HTC among others waiting for  each other to make a move and then use the opportunity to polish their mistakes to make the ultimate VR device. A fine analysis by Mr. Clyde Williams, however lets put the business view aside and look at how well it will sell in 2016


Below we have the competition for 2016 in VIRTUAL REALITY

Available: November 2015                     

The Gear VR contains the same tech as
an Oculus Rift, but you have to insert a                      Samsung smartphone into a handset to act
as the display like an up-market Google
Cardboard. Retails from $100.



Available: 2016

Almost close to the Matrix
Early testers claim that this is the headset to
beat, as it gives you the freedom to easily interact
around VR scenes.




Available: 2016

Microsoft is still adding the finishing touches to
HoloLens, which suffers from a limited field
of view but has been received well by those
who tried it. HoloLens also looks and feels
like a luxurious peripheral. the VR looks solid and will most likely make a killing in sales



Available: March 2016
FOVE promises
a more natural experience that can reduce
so-called ‘VR nausea.’

Not only does FOVE’s headset look more
futuristic in its design than its rival, it has something the
others do not: eye-tracking. this is the ability to set display based on movement of the user’s eye in any position


Available: 2016

Playstation VR/ Sony VR (anyone u wanna call it)
This headset is powered by the PlayStation
4 and will use the existing Move controllers.
Unlike the Oculus Rift, there’s no integrated
audio or top strap over your head, which
you’ll either like or hate. Like the Gear you need to sync it with its primary device to function fully


Available: 2016
With only the developer kit is now available and with
its open source development, low latency
and low price, it’s an attractive entry-level
option. You can also swap the faceplates, as
a fancy extra. From renowned game laptop maker RaZer, the DSVR

will be a tough competitor to beat



Avaliable: 20162016-01-19 20_45_03-Oculus Rift _ Oculus

Oculus Rift is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. developed by Facebook, it brings a step into your favorite game, watching an immersive VR movie, jumping to a destination on the other side of the world, or just spending time with friends in VR, you’ll feel like you’re really there.



there are others, but we looking at the top players at this segment


What particular Virtual Reality Device are you looking forward to, and which do you plan to purchase? let us know in the comment below

WYN2K-How Apple Won

By Ron Eve

Apple has become the worlds leading company in the world,  and the largest absolute increase in market cap in March 2015 was a whopping 725 billion usd. Many of apple’s success have been a few factors and through empirical study and were able to gain the level of satisfaction from consumers. If you are looking to run a business small or large, you all need to take a bite of the Apple, 

Apple had not always been successful, it had it setbacks and almost run into bankruptcy, with 90 days to spare, late Steve Jobs, Co Founder, Former CEO  

 took the company from that brink  and with acting CEO, Tim Cook ingeniously made Apple the most valuable company on the planet     

No doubt most of apple’s success is thanks to the revolutionary iPhone, which is no doubt the most sought out for device. 

MORE APPLE RELATED: How your phone is killing you

What business strategies makes Apple number one, let’s take a look:-


 Apple was not only known as the device you need to sell your kidney for -trust me, folks in China sell their kidneys for the latest iPhone-, it was so exclusive then that celebrities were seen having it as their choice of smartphone, having an iPhone at that era made you part of the top class in society or the wealthy.  

 This made people yearn the more for the device when seeing their stars having it

To get your product out there , don’t be quick to enter mass production, let people ask questions out of curiosity of your product and then you will notice the demand is automatically created


Use to remember when I got my first MacBook, I was ever so happy to have the logo light up when it turns on, then I would look at others in the library and smirk at their lame dell and hp logo, the Apple logo is a figure unmatched and highly recognized. It gets people to move up a level of status, the brand is so powerful if changed it will undoubtedly cause Apple Inc. to shut down. Many people adore the Apple technology because it has been able to achieve quality and satisfaction in all its product.  

 Your brand is important, you need to work with it and remember, a single atrocious action by your company or product will tarnish the whole brand future. 

Customer loyalty

With top notch customer service, Apple has never failed to satisfy all customer problems both software and hardware wise. It’s quite difficult to find a unsatisfied customer unless they have their own personal unresolved problem at the Genius Bar,  Apple takes its time to build customer trust. Android holders are loyal to the software but most use different hardware like Samsung and HTC , however when one gets hooked to Apple , it’s quite difficult convincing them to switch to Android. I used an Android for testing my loyalty to Apple, and I seriously had withdrawal and had to ditch the android after 3 hours

Gaining customers loyalty goes best with successfully presenting a service that is capable of satisfying them as well as providing solutions. Get them to provide suggestion to let them (customers) feel their thoughts matter


Marketing is key to promoting your product, you won’t believe how much companies pay for catch phrases and quotes for advertisement, the marketing at Apple always try to invent new ways to bring out the product, even if it’s as senseless as f”@k  “Bigger than bigger” “if it’s not an iPhone,it’s not an iPhone ”

  Apple has successfully lured buyers using simple ,weird, senseless marketing campaign and it worked!!!. Apple is ” if it’s not an apple product, it’s a…what the hell do you have there?”

Marketing campaign shouldn’t be lengthy and it should be easily remembers as a catch phrase , even if it’s senseless as long as it’s unique, you will get people talking about it.

Price tag

It takes roughly $236 to make an iPhone 6s Plus. Known as the kidney phone, the Apple product have built an empire out of pricey products. We look back at the flop with the 5c , which was so bad, Apple had to recall them from sales and communication market, it goes to show that the iPhone was what people needed to add value to their lives  

 The 5c with its plastic look and hippie colors were not too fancy to impress, people want more than hardware, they want the looks, the best , and the costly. Automatically seeing someone with an iPhone you immediately calculate how much he probably spent. 

You should understand that the human mind psychologically assumes that the pricey the product, the better it is

How has Apple affected you? Let us know in the comments

WYN2K-Enemy in Disguise

By Ron Eve

We hear of hackers, and it’s no news to the rise in cyber operations in this era, more war, transaction, crime, business have upgraded to the cyberspace network. As these are successful so also is the rise of crime, though more tech security are rushing to equip themselves to fight against threats, it’s better you understand some basics of how hackers behave, why they do what they do, and how to notice signs of intrusion in your network. Three types of Hackers are categorized, BlackHat, WhiteHat,GreyHat

BlackHat as the color depict

-which is racist, black shouldn’t be associated with evil-

Are the group solely for the destruction of everything in your network, from stealing, hijacking, ransom-ing, blackmail, destroying of data, files, etc.

 BlackHat are difficult to trace as they are hidden and don’t make their presence known too often. With a single laptop, they can wreck a whole supercomputer with single DDos attack, if you want to view how their works are done in full , watch the popular tv show Mr.Robot

WhiteHat are hackers that dedicate their lives to fight BlackHat hackers, find backdoors

-backdoors is a term in hackers world for loopholes to enter and gain access to your network-

 It’s been argued that to be a WhiteHat, you need eat the forbidden fruit, which I mean you need to experience the way of the BlackHat, so arguably WhiteHat can turn evil but we glad they not , they perform intensive system penetration, to find weakness and provide these to the owners to strengthen their network, also Whitehackers can act as a system analysts and use BlackHat technique to attack networks to test how strong their system can withstand attacks

GreyHat is simply a mix of the two, an example of such hacker group is Anonymous. It’s impossible to tell if they are the good guys or not  , they attack and help . So let’s say it’s a grey area (did you see what I did there )

Some hacker stories : In 1992, Argentinian student Julio Ardita hacked into the computer systems of Harvard University and the US Naval command. He was finally caught by police in 1997.

Young British hackers Richard Pryce and Matthew Bevan (nicknamed Datastream Cowboy and Kuji) broke into US military computers in 1994.

In 2002, Gary McKinnon (known as Solo) hacked into NASA and US military computers from a room in London, UK. He claimed to have been looking for evidence of UFOs.

Love UFO? CHECK THIS: Who really gets to go to Mars

-interview with Gary, Chief System Security Analyst, Pandora World –
Well, we interviewed our Chief system analysts and security, and he gave us a surface information

How do hackers get into your network and system?

  1. Hackers can figure out obvious passwords, like their names or birthdays. Serious hackers use password-cracker software that runs through all the possible combinations of numbers and letters until it finds the right one.
  2. Common attack at business networks is a tactic known “phishing”—sending emails pretending to be from a recognized organization so the victim emails back their details.
  3. Using Man in the Middle attack-is an attack where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other.
  4. Another way is using a DDOS attack to force the server in reboot, during that stage its security becomes down and open to attack

Serious hackers don’t just want to eavesdrop on your computer’s links to the outside world, they want to get inside your computer and take it over and leak out all info. These are some of the tools they use:

  • A Trojan Horse
  • Keylogging
  • Backdoor programs allow hackers to access your compute
  •  Sniffers
  •  Computer worms  makes them harder to stop
  • Computer virus

Among others

How do you prepare for such attacks ?

As it’s always been said, prevention is better than cure, letting your security team do a sweep on all computers is one way

Training your workers and yourself to get packed with all information in the tech world,

it takes a single piece to drop the dominos, most attacks are became of one employee negligence and unprepared will unknowingly open the door wide for such attacks

How do I tell if a hacker is trying to attack my network?

Hackers sometimes need to physically gain access to the work computer or server , or use an employee to gain access, or remotely take over,

~EARLIER: How to survive a manhunt

Here are the in depth methods they use

Let’s use a detection scale of 1-10, with 10 being undetectable

A Trojan Horse

Detection level: 8

Trojan Horse are files that looks harmless until opened, but once open it installs a rogue program that takes control of the computer. Simply put , it could be a file sent through to your email in the disguise of a business proposal , upon opening, it infect your pc and worse the server, special training is required to detect fishy files, strong antivirus recommended

And for f$&k sake don’t say you have Windows Defender so that’s enough


Detection level: 10

is a method of linking up to someone else’s computer and monitoring every key that is pressed—useful for gaining passwords or other security information. It’s now a popular software for businesses, families, couples, the primary function was used by hackers to gain information and retrieve bank details, pin code, encryption keys etc,

Now keyloggers are so user friendly, couples use it to track each other for infidelity. Highly undetectable program


Detection level: 9

Backdoor are programs that allow hackers to access your computer without a password. Mostly these programs are installed when the hacker has physical access to your computer, for only one time, also individuals should beware some of tech support who want to repair your computer,

Once installed, you will be milked dry of info as well as your online finances


Detection level:4

Often and all we see ads about programs offering error checks and software damages, also programs that help you clean up your pc, beware these apps are design to scan in length all loopholes into your computer, these Programs designed to scan for weaknesses in a computer’s “firewall” (protection) systems are called vulnerability .


Detection level: 10

 Sniffers monitor information traveling to and from a computer system, in order to capture all the passwords and user IDs of anyone using it.

Mostly sniffers program use the Internet to gain information, what ever site you go into, keys you typed, email you checked, sniffers with just your IP address can gain access to information outgoing and incoming your pc.


Detection level: 1

Computer worms infect networks by sending copies of themselves to all the machines in the system. Unlike viruses, they don’t have to attach themselves to a program—this makes them harder to stop. Even though detection is easy, removal is almost impossible , it duplicates so quickly and only strong antivirus can remove worms with minimal damages .

Worms are popular on usb drives, when opening the drive on your computer, it executes the virus, and don’t keep opening folders when you realize every folder has a copy of itself


Detection level: 5

A virus is a computer program that infects a host program and alters the way it works, virus can somewhat be detected, when you realize your programs isnt running properly, applications keep crashing, computer going off without you issuing a command.

Viruses are now constantly being battled by antivirus and frequent updates makes battling viruses a lot more less headache


Detection level: 8

 Certain links sent to your email in disguise as a website, are phishing sites, Hackers use this method to clone the original website, most popular sites that are phished include PayPal, Facebook, when a victim opens this link, and type the credentials, the credentials are then sent to the hacker, it’s almost impossible to detect phishing sites unless you look very closely at the website design, also to be on the safe side , type the website rather than clicking links.

With many other methods used by hackers, these are a few mentioned above, although ransomware are the new kind of method hackers use to extort money, we just want don’t want to go into it today , to keep this at a standard level of understanding

Eve signing off for today, and formally want to say thank you for the support guys

if you have any questions or suggestions and or experience about hackers please leave a COMMENT below

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Survival tips-how to survive a manhunt the FCW way


Looking through my statistics , found out that surprisingly for my survival tips, the zombie survival and the unfireable tips had the highest exposure, 

Really didn’t expect the zombie survival tips to get this far 

 Let take a new look at another scenario I picked up when watching a prison break movie, as I often and on talk about, you will never know till it happens, let’s assume you actually bust out of prison and now you are on a manhunt or you did something wrong and police happen to be on your tail here are a few pointers 


I will assume you are innocent which you might probably not be

People often and on think that by running to Mexico, the State has no jurisdiction there, true as it may, there is a way, the government of State can petition or request for the country harboring the fugitive to be forced to hand you over or kick you out, so this will not save you. This happened to Edward Snowden if you can remember, China, Hong Kong and other countries had to kick him out by request of the United States, so those thinking running away will work , think again

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If dogs are involved in your chase, there is a way I picked up from reading Tinitin, 

surprised ? 

I got this useful info on dog hunt and this was accurate when I tested it out on my neighbors dog 


Yes I really hate her that much I’m willing to test this info on her dog ( no animals where harmed in the experiment)

So it will work, dogs are able to distinguish and differentiate smells, meaning when we smell a burger, a dog can smell the bun, ham, vegetable and ketchup used , if a dog is tracking you, it’s lock down like a missile ,so in order to get far and not track down by dogs you need use pepper, when running, sprinkle pepper at the area you stepped, also leave a piece of clothing of your self with pepper sprinkled on it, and leave it, should the dog smell it, it will get disrupted and confused for what to smell and won’t be able to remember for awhile what it’s suppose to look for, look at it like a signal jammer if you will, it will take awhile for the dog to stop sneezing though and resume the trail.

Tip 2

Extreme makeover, with your face almost on every television, wanted poster, newspaper, you are safe reinventing your looks, 

Try to lose facial hair if you have or grow some if you don’t , having a weird hairdo helps , anything to completely change how you look, not too suspicious though ,may call cops on you for irrelevant reason ending you busted along the way. To safely survive manhunts, you can try a transsexual persona, 

May seem funny but forensics have never thought of running simulation on that appearance lol

Tip 3

If you happen to steal a car along your way to escape, be smart about it and change it often, watching movies I noticed they get busted by sticking to the same ride for their escapes. Cops will have a call in of a missing vehicle and will be on a lookout, 

  stick to highways and offroads, hitch train ride often to move around , don’t use subways ( cameras duh) 

Tip 4 

Dress professionally, you can pinch one from a neighborhood laundry, avoid casual dressing, calls too much attention, lose the hat and hoodies, 

Cops always suspect hoodies as hooligans

Tip 5

Avoid eye contact and unnecessary fidgeting, most western countries take this as a sign that you are troubled or trouble. Calm and talk normally when you have to talk to someone

Tip 6

Should have been my first tip though, stay away from familiarity , be it a place, person or thing, cops are well aware of your emotional involvement with the ties of relations, whistleblower Edward Snowden had to stay away from friends, family and girlfriend when he was under a manhunt from the government, as I said, you will never know. During your manhunt ,    

   the cops have this saying that you will slip and then they can be on to you, best to let your family forget you, unless you have another way of sending crypto information only your family can crack, if you don’t better start working on secret message and translation with your family only readable to you,your kin, and trusty friends

Tips 7

If you do happen to decide to escape and start over by leaving the country that convicted you, the best way is sticking to countries that have a grudge with your actual country, for example, your best chance is Russia if you decide to escape from the States, Africa is also a  best bet because they have less manpower in surveillance and manhunt to track you down. You can start over 


This is just a scenario of how I will handle things should the government be on my a$&, we at Pandora world view this as an educational material and should not taken literally unless you find yourself in a predicament that forces your hand to escape. I know lot of my readers will bombard me with emails but the movies let on more information than I have

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WYN2K-Creating the Home of the Future

By Fred Clyde William
Today’s What you need 2 Know we are looking at creating the perfect innovative homes, but before that I would like to clear the air a bit about some of my readers who are getting a bit confused between the Crucible Minute Segment and the WYN2K segment, the Crucible Minute is more of me looking at the world at a personal perspective based on mostly theories and predictions, WYN2K as the abbreviated word is about facts and useful information we need. Ok we seem to have cleared this misunderstanding now. Let’s begin with Creating the Home of the Future we all have these neighbors that like to show off how advanced their one of a kind tv or really expensive sofa 

and going on to brag about their lawn mower.. Like I care

Anyways there are many ways to tip the scale to your favor to create the perfect smartHome. 

 What makes a smartHome you might ask, a smartHome is a home where all electronics are connected in a single controlled network, giving you the ability to interact with your home like you would your smartphone


A smart home can be programmed to set up the coffee machine for a quick cup of joe when your alarm rings, also the water heater has already started kicking in to heat up the water right before you get into the showers, all these are examples of various techs that make a smartHome, every house can be a smart home , with some so easy you can set it up to really complicated electricals that you might need to call in the tech guy for your smartHome provider. I know most of you will be wondering ,this is going to be a huge increase in your house bills, but actually SmartHomes like Smartphones adopt to the users experience and habits and intelligently cut your energy consumption, 

It doesn’t stop there , SmartHomes are equipped to notify both the police and yourself of possible intruders . All this is thanks to the advancement of the “Internet of Things” – which is the exponential expanding of the web of devices connected to the Internet and allowing the flow between the how users communicates with the device enriching the experience in their life’s 

Here are a few devices to create a perfect smartHome 

You probably wondering why I’m saying SmartHome instead of smart home, it’s because we have accepted smartphone as a word 

Smart Bulb

Creates a unique atmosphere at the touch and choice of the user, changing different colors adds mood to you room, all without leaving your seat,   
(Tub in his case)

Smart Cinema


With the lights adjusting to you, a smart theater room can automatically kick in cinematic lights for adjusting your eyes to the screen, activating the surround sound, lowering the shades and adjust your seats all for your viewing pleasure

Smart Smoke detector


Not as predictable as you think, smart smoke detector are made to not only call the local fire department when a certain critical density of smoke is achieved , they go a step in placing a call or notification that 

Yo, your house is burning 

From the device even before your neighbors can contact you about your house on fire

Surveillance Tech

 Another necessity for all smartHomes, cams and video surveillance are improved and provide Live video of your home right from your smartphone or compatible devices anywhere at anytime, your office hours and vacations are safe and you will have sound mind knowing that everything is ok at home 
You won’t need to pay hefty service charges monthly for this to be monitored by some creepy tech guys , you can do everything yourself, easy , convenient and cheap

Smart Bed

Smart beds are designed to track your sleep cycle and pattern, working with your smart alarm as your smart shades to let in bit by bit sunlight to bring you awake at a comfortable position, at the sign Of waking , the smart coffee maker kicks in with coffee.

Auto Sun shade

With the ability to triangulate the sun Ray angle position in the room and also monitor using time periods the smart shades are automatic in providing cover from the sun rays into your home, it can also be manually controlled by a remote , smartphone or device.

Smart Thermostat 

Saves you money on your energy by smartly learning your habit and regulating according to it, it also contains an auto switch off feature that can perfectly know when you are not home and then turns off
MUST READ: How to be unfireable from your job

Smart washing machine

Can send notification and next course of action after your laundry is done , for example a press of a button on the app on your smartphone can allow the washing machine start drying the laundry after its done washing 

Intelligent fridge

Fridges I least expected will be made smart, but inventors have proved me wrong and taken the step in innovation  , ability to enter sleep mode to control the amount of energy used , introduce recipe based on the item found inside , give you information on items running low in the fridge and also gives you a notification that your fridge is expiring 


Auto Garage door(auto mean both AUTOmatic and AUTOmobile)

Smart Lock

Motion sensors

Impersonated Occupant ( briefly put SmartHome are set to know when you travelled and controls the light and shade to mimic that you at home when you actually on vacation)

That’s just a few of must have smart tech to make your home a SmartHome,

 NB. it’s ok to have one or two of these features just won’t be a smartHome like your next door neighbor’s and we really want to stick it to him

Having at least 5 out of 9 of these items will get your home to be Smart 

Since we evolving into a full technological era we need understand that this is the best time to be in, everything is simply done to make your life easy, 2 out of 3 chances you have come across a smartDevice at your home ,office or travels , we sometimes don’t notice because we are adopting so quickly the knowledge of change is minimal, give a child a smartphone and within hours he knows how it works,

What smart device have you come across ? Leave a comment below

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Survival tips -how to be UNFIREABLE

By Ron Eva

Hi I’m a new writer for Pandora World , and I decide to pitch in the article writing for the company,

When we have a dream job, one which is to die for , with the good bonus and big numbers for salary, we find ourselves self pondering how long it will last. The fear which we always assume will always be a nightmare slowly becomes a reality when you see your fellow co worker clearing their desk.

This is not a life hack and can be a dangerous tool of information if used well. How to be virtually unfirerable


  • Joining  or being the right group

In the company we are faced with different groups , see it like diverse social clubs in high school, this exist but differs from the work place ,

You didn’t know?

Since everyone is in their cubicles or desk, you can notice these groups during lunch time, when they converge into their various groups,

We have what I call the Office Cheerleaders, these are the well know , popular  , this doesn’t mean only ladies but gents as well . Cheers not as in acrobatics and cheers, but the persona in their character

They are one of the most unfirerable workers in the office because they are close to the boss, active to work seminars , well dressed, they are the face of the company and they show clients around when they visit the company, if you are found in this group you are assured and safe

The Nerds, work hard , smart and do as their told but they are highly expendable , i call them the nerds because they keep to themselves and don’t really associate, unless someone issues a question to them, highly fireable. Best is to socialize and be known

The loud mouth, words say it all, these group announce their presence by opening their mouth, they are extremely loud, annoying to coworkers but useful to the boss, the boss sees them as willing to learn and contribute, they are useful for fairs and advertisement to promote the company, they talk and keep asking questions when everyone is tired and wants to go home ,unfireable 

Being a Friend of the boss, could be friend of the boss wife , friend of the boss’s friend, anyone close to the boss or actually becoming friends with the boss is a plus, if the boss shares deep ideas or ask you frequently for advice work or mostly personal related makes you the kryptonite to the boss, he will find it hard to fire you, being friends with someone close to the boss adds a sort of immunity since they will always vouch for you , unfireable

The Bob, I call this the Bob for reason of a co worker with that name, who seem to always keep everyone smiling by the way of handing sweets, even though we aren’t allowed to eat in the office , he has made this rule null, even the boss is caught in his web, everyone loves free stuff , and Bob has bought his ticket to being unfireable

The Priest, they are the ones that advice anyone and comfort all workers, they are always happy and never down, they are more positive than they can get , however they are somewhat expendable

The are many work groups and I can’t go through all, if you look around you might see the groups that will less likely be fired and work you way to joining

  • Acing every work competition and award

Gaining an edge in the company may let you get enemies at work but who needs them, workmates come and go, you are not to make friends, you are In This to win. Trying hard to win best worker , or best sales man or even employee of the month comes a long way to gain favor with your boss, if the boss remembers you, you won’t have fears when company decide to lay off some workers 

  • Bringing home the bacon

When you capable of bring sales and business clients to the firm and company moves your from liability to asset, this has to do with the ability to persuade any customer that their money is well spent in your bosses company

  • Volunteering for anything and everything

Everyone loves the doer and if you thinking your friend is stupid to give up his Saturday and volunteer to work overtime, then you are plainly not seeing the true picture , he is slowly letting the boss remember him as a person and not a worker, when a boss looks at his workers, he sees a plain white canvas , what happens when a canvas has a single black dot , the eyes is focus to only that black dot, that is your friend, better make it two dots  if you don’t want to be laid off one day

  • Blackmail

Finally , the most effective and dangerous tool to ever use , blackmail your boss , not negotiating or even saying anything , but seeing something you not suppose to see , for example you catch your boss with a work mate about to engage in ehemm … coitus,  

 say hello to your promotion however, it depends on how you play your cards well, you apologize and step out of the room and take pics if you can, if you can’t ,it’s alright , just one day you meet your boss and his wife , and you go in to say hello, and you ask , is this your wife? She is pretty:) actually I meant that smiley face to have the look of the evil smile, and you walk away, you might be prepared to get called in to go to the boss office for a chat , maybe a promotion or a hefty salary push, if not used well can ruin you completely and get you fired with the boss having no conscience of his evil act

Thats all for our survival tips for this week


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The Crucible Minute- Humans vs Robots (Where we stand)

  Ever had this argument piting the human potential against Robots?, yes we built them and I know some of my readers, will have my head after this. 

Disclaimer: I’m basing this on a scientific level, religious fanatics should please read other of my articles if this may piss them off to hell lol

Many of my blogs are centered around artificial intelligence, as a rising threat to successfully eliminate humankind to extinction but we are not here for the doomsday message, actually you can check this article here to scare you a little


Now I’m finally going to come out and say it , we living in a fantasy world where we always expect humankind to come out victorious like how the movies depict, like Terminator , Matrix among others . We maybe faced with a reality where like the dinosaurs, we also will pass away as a fossil

Let’s check out how we stand 

  • Adopting

  Due to their programming, robots are forced to abide by the rules of their program, it’s like trying to use MS Word to Browse the Web, impossible right , similar to a robot, it can’t do beyond the confine of its programming code , a nursing robots job is to relive the patient, an engineer robot is to fix and repair, home robot is to handle house activities,  this is however impossible for a robot to do something not meant for it, however….

I know lots of you saw this coming

Not incapable, a self aware robot is able to reprogram itself and do more than its program dictates, that’s how robots take over, learn from Matrix and Terminator people, 

Humans on the other hand are able to act beyond any restrictions  , given an infinite choice capability, our evolved neocortex allows us to go over the limit, we are able to come up with ideas and adopt to any problem by freedom of choice 

Win: Humans…for now

  • Logic

A proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something. Simply put , reason.  Human logic are heavily affected by their emotions and preference, this provides irrational assessment to given problem and poor judgment to the right solution, robots on the other hand  Due to the lack of emotions, robots can come up with answers to solution logically through commands. 

Win: Robots

  • Strategy 

Humans are very advance in the ability to adopt series of plans and strategy, restructure of new and modify series of solutions even on the go to arrive at a successful stop,  Robots are also capable, depending on their programming, they can run a program of various simulation to pinpoint exactly the highest success rate , humans however can not and must rely their strategy through trial and error concept

Win: Both

  • Maths

We all admit that we don’t stand a chance with the ability of robots to solve complex maths, humans are incapable to independently solving maths without carefully writing down the steps and …erm using a calculator,  

 a simple programmed robot can work through it relatively easily, since the whole architecture of a robot is built on mathematical calculations. A self driving car can calculate a distance it will need to accurately make a stop at an exact location at an exact time. 

Win: Robots

  • Speed


No argument there that humans are built not as fast as most of the species on the planet, even as evolved as we are and as fast as we can be we still fall short under one margin… Being human. Operating a problem or undertaking a physical challenge is never as fast in comparison to a robot, many factories are implementing machines to provide efficient production, leaving humans probably jobless soon

They took our job 


  • Lifespan

Humans live long at an average of 80 years, robots on the other hand all things consider, will live longer, robots are built on part which are replaceable and repairable, human parts are quite fragile and their genome is unique making little or none of the part replaceable, one can obtain a heart but not a brain, you can get a kidney but not a leg , a robot can fully be replaced from all part of it body works

Win: Robots 

  • Emotions


No matter how much we experiment on emotion receptors for robots, we can never really put an exact measurement on the mystery of emotions, emotions such as pleasure, pain,anger,hatred,love,etc can never be fully grasped by even the highest spec -built  robot, humans are designed with all manners of nerves that react to conditions that affect our psyche

Win: Humans


It’s quite difficult to put a pen on the winner as a war can easily be tipped into ones favor by a fraction of error 

Robots will win

  Sorry that was too quick for my biased response, even though humans made robots, one may argue we may have a way to exterminate them should the need arise, it’s easier seeing this as a creation and a creator , but like we humans that defile our maker, so also will AI eventually question their purpose of existence and later accept the human race is flawed and their only survival is their extinction, with unable to perform math, speed, logic , lifespan, strategy , we pretty much at a losing edge
Humans created robots to be better, smarter and perfect in everyway, humans may have a chance to do battle ,if the war between humans and robots arise but we will not win the war, with improve method of searching and surveillance  , we will be hunted and killed by our creation, we can build a backdoor to hack and haijack control of a terminator robot and use it to fight the others , but how many humans will be lost in capturing a single robot . And how long will it take for that backdoor 

For the idea of Matrix, we won’t have a Neo Saving our butts, and if you watch the matrix and you deduct Neo from the equation and you realize the really isn’t a chosen one ,you my friend are taking a look athrough a reality scope, do humans really stand a chance ???

EARLIER: How to Rid of bad customers

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    WYN2K- How to rid of bad customers 

    By FClydeW



    Disclaimer:Sorry I posted this early with no contents

    Often and on we meet customers or people that pisses us off so much that it can ruin your whole day, during my experience from one sales company to another, I gathered about how to handle certain customers, this may help anyone who owns or manages ecommerce such as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy etc. Please understand this is my personal way of dealing with this problem and by no means should you use it till you absolutely sure that this customer is really ticking you off

    However before you do,


    • Don’t argue with customers

    Bear in mind this will affect your shop rating and prevent customers from visiting your shop, explaining calmly as best as possible solves the problem, customers are human and subjected to different character traits, this is also present when they visit your shop, having a positive response and extremely weird and robotic way of answering things can solve this , by robotic I mean answering without you having a fluctuating emotions, this will keep the customer thinking, this salesperson is is just weird and then slowly walk away, you can toss in a “Come Again” as you smile waving  . Won’t hate you but won’t like you either 

      • Don’t get angry or lose it…yet

      Customers find a way to push your button even if it’s well hidden, but getting less angry and explaining is the best way to handle this problem… Ehmm.. however if you do lose it , you can tell them your piece of mind and then tell the customer as a result of your temper you have been fired ( obviously a lie) , this makes the customer have the feeling “I’m in control”, “I’m always right” , and then you come back to the customer in disguise as a new customer service personal and tell said customer , you are taking over from the previous (fired) employee in handling the matter, ( if you are having an actual shop, you can switch place with you work mate in pulling this trick , you can get you manager to perform the pretense as well and then you come out of hiding once the customer leaves) this will give you a fresh start and rest assured the customer will comport themself. This is a win win.

      If you are caught by your boss, using this trick often, I was never  here, neither was this article lol

        • Use puppy eyes

        This is my favorite and I commend the sales girl  who used this trick in getting five star rating and feedback , 


        The puppy eyes is popularly used in the Asia market to attract buyers, works flawlessly, you can also use puppy eyes to get rid of irritating customers , through heartwarming messaging or if you have an actual shop , to control the customer, how does this work, it’s like a mom screaming at a kid in the supermarket, where do the accusing eyes point to , the mom right , same theory conclusion


          • Use lengthy explanation 

          When you are faced with an impossible customer , I mean, really impossible, so much that 1-3 didn’t work, this is sure to kick up a notch, think about this, how do you feel when someone talks too much, you obviously walk away , exactly , this tactics is useful and it doesn’t matter if what you say doesn’t make sense most of the time, people are know to not pay attention when speeches are lengthy , if a customer gives you trouble , a lengthy explanation will solve thee trick and the customer will walk away accepting whatever you say, also long emails are known to mess with them more , since they refuse to understand you , speak as you write, rest assured the customer will give up and not reply you. You won’t lose him as a customer but he won’t have messed your day

            • Ignore

            A technique Apple is well known for, listening to your problems whiles their in limbo, the staff at the Genius Section, are known to only listen but actually not listening , like zombies , answering fewer words when they need to, this angers the customer to give up , think of it like when you calling the Indian blokes in Tech Support , they will help you help yourself to give up and find your own solution .
            This is a few of the methods in solving difficult client and customer problems, if you have questions , that’s why the COMMENT section is available lol, I will do well to answer , also share your experience in the Comments below

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